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In retaliation to the decisions made by the Ministry of Education of the Islamic regime to alter the history of Iranians

Fellow Iranians,

Iran is going through one of its darkest cultural era,under the rule of one of the most anti-Iranian regimes, comparable only to the period of the Arab invasion. A regime determined to annihilate the Iranian culture by shamelessly eliminating the name of the Persian kings and dynasties from the school history books in an attempt to erase the memory of the once glorious Persian civilization from the minds of the young people.

However, thanks to God and the efforts of a few Individuals, this glorious era of Iranian history prior to the Arab Invasion,the era of Cyrus the great, Darius, Xerxes, Ardeshir and Shapur has been skillfully captured by director Makan Karandish in the documentary film “Iran,the Forgotten Glory” and for the first time this golden age of Persian civilization has been visually narrated.

It’s important to note that neither during the era of the monarchs nor the mullahs, the splendor of the Sassanian Empire has ever been visually told.  It is for the first time in this film that the history of the Sassanian Empire and impact of Zoroastrianism is narrated and we learn about their ancient remains. Similar to Hafez and “Shahnameh”, this documentary illuminates an important part of our history and culture.

Even though this documentary has been primarily produced for Iranians – living in Iran – who seek to understand their identity, the ruling regime has not given permission to broadcast this film in the state TV stations and not even Press TV.  All our efforts to present this documentary in Iran through conventional means have unfortunately failed.

Our deep hope and desire is to provide a means of free and public access to both episodes of the film through the internet so that it will serve as a source for the young people as well as students and scholars inside Iran. However, we are a small independent group of passionate individuals with limited financial means and a long road ahead for completing the second part of the film series which deals with the history of Iran after the Arab Invasion, and unfortunately we will not be able to complete it with our own means alone.

For this reason, we are inviting all institutions,foundations, clubs, societies, companies and all those who see the history of our forefathers as their own to take part in this national effort in this sensitive era of our national rebirth. Though your support, whether by financial contribution or by spreading this address, you will help provide free and public access to the film for the people of Iran and help us complete the second part of the film. We need to come together in this effort to undermine the intentions of the Islamic regime in devastating our history, culture and identity.

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The names of the supporters and contributors of this national effort will be mentioned at the end of both episodes of the film and at the end of this page.

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